Are you ironing wrinkles into your face night after night? Do you wake up with back pain, aching joints or neck pain?

While we sleep, we constantly push and squash deep furrows into our faces. The fine lines very gradually present themselves together with the formation of jowls around the jaw line. We rest our minds and bodies but we do not do our faces any favours. In fact, when we wake after several hours sleep our faces often look worse than they did before. It is not surprising when you consider that the majority of us spend six to eight hours lying on our left or right side (approx.2548 hours per year), and whichever way our bodies lie our faces go with it.

The anti-pressure facepillow has been developed over 20 years and is designed to protect both your face and body. This unique, precision shaped, facepillow provides excellent support combined with superb comfort, giving a gentle lift for your face whilst simultaneously ensuring proper support for your neck and spine.

It helps prevent facial lines and wrinkles and improves oxygen intake to keep your skin smooth and healthy. It also fills the gap between your lower jaw and shoulder providing proper spine alignment which in turn eases aches and pains.

"It's about time - a pillow that does it all!"
Recommended by therapists for maximum benefit with minimum effort. Read what Dr. Randall Mask has to say about the anti-pressure facepillow.