Face Saving

With your anti-pressure face pillow you are not restricted to sleeping in any one position. Simply place your facepillow in whichever position is most comfortable for you. Push it in, up or down until you feel comfortable with it and as long as you can slide your hand under the cheek and eye area of your face on the side on which you are lying, that is a clear indication that you're not damaging these delicate facial tissues.

Soft & Comfortable

The anti-pressure facepillow is designed with absolute comfort in mind. Many soft pillows need continual plumping up but the anti-pressure facepillow retains its shape allowing you to sleep comfortably whilst the weight of your head is released from your face. It also prevents bedding from coming into contact with your facial area allowing your skin to breathe properly and face creams to stay on. The anti-pressure facepillow has been formed to give you softness and just the right amount of support at the same time. Unlike many moulded support pillows which can be hard and uncomfortable, the anti-pressure face pillow is ultra-soft as it is filled with a luxury high quality fibre retained in a precision shaped inner. The unique shape ensures that your face is supported correctly, your neck is in alignment with your spine and your shoulders are relieved of pressure.

Supportive - Pain Relief

The anti-pressure face pillow is also highly acclaimed as an orthopaedic pillow. It is essential that your pillow supports your neck as well as your head. The anti-pressure facepillow does this by filling the gap between your lower jaw and shoulder which in turn maintains a straight line between your neck and spine. This helps to relieve aches and pains caused by sleeping incorrectly.

Side Or Back Sleepers

The anti-pressure facepillow is designed to be used when sleeping on your side or your back and provides excellent cervical support. By gently raising your head it enables you to breathe correctly, helping to renew cells and eliminate toxins, which in turn can help you to feel more energetic in the mornings.