"It's about time - a pillow that does it all!"
Dr. Randall Mask is a practicing Chiropractor in Fort Worth, Texas. He is also the team doctor for the local high school and is an active community leader in his town. Dr. Mask found our product online and has sent us this testimonial:

Thank you! Finally somebody got it right! My name is Dr. Randall Mask, I am a chiropractor in Texas who has been prescribing orthopaedic pillows for years. Unfortunately I have yet to find the perfect pillow, until now! The problem with ordinary orthopaedic pillows is that they are made for people that only sleep on their back, and as we all know, nobody sleeps only on their back. We all move during sleep from our back to one side or the other, it's a normal part of sleeping. Over the past fifteen years of prescribing orthopaedic pillows for patients with cervical spine (neck) problems, I have discovered that ordinary orthopaedic pillows actually misrepresent themselves as being for side and back sleepers when in fact they are actually only designed for back sleepers. The common design of these pillows is a hollow area in the middle or centre of the pillow. This design is great until you turn from your back to your side which is when you go from benefit to detriment. I have found that sleeping on your side on this type of pillow is the number one cause of cervical subluxations (neck pain or cricks).

For fifteen years this has been a problem, until now. I found the anti-pressure facepillow online and was impressed by its unique design. I initially ordered a dozen of these pillows to prescribe to patients and what I have found is exactly what I have been looking for. Finally the pillow that gives proper support for both the back and side sleeper. The unique hour-glass design is perfect for both the back and the side sleeper. It allows for proper cervical spine positioning when sleeping on your back and if you turn to your side. My patients who are prescribed the anti-pressure facepillow report that they are finally sleeping through the entire night, waking feeling refreshed and no longer waking up with "cricks" or neck stiffness in the mornings. I have called several of my colleagues in the States and they are calling me with similar reports. The anti-pressure facepillow is long overdue and will change the way we look at pillows and the way we sleep. What a great design.

Thank you.

Randall Mask D.C., 252 Park Place, Azle, TX.