Since an accident 4 years ago left me with arthritis in my shoulders and impaired neck movement I had not had one peaceful night. For short term relief so I could nod off I needed 2 regular and a v shape pillow arranged in a very specific way. I woke often in pain having to make adjustments. If I needed to turn over it would wake me up completely as was a big thing to rearrange all the pillows entirely to accommodate it. It took ages to get back to sleep and seemed no sooner than I had when I woke again. Consequently I never woke refreshed.

From the first night I used the anti-pressure face pillow all that changed. It was like a miracle. I have been able to discard the v shape and a regular pillow and now use just one with the anti-pressure pillow. From my face down to my shoulders this pillow cradles, supports and fills any gaps exactly as required and oozes with comfort. Because pain isn’t accumulating whilst I sleep I am more peaceful and the pillow remains in place. On the occasions that I do want to turn, without all those pillows to specifically place I can now do so in jiffy whilst still dozey and am fast asleep again in moments. I am not easily impressed and I have never endorsed anything before, but I highly recommend this pillow.

Maggie, Clapham Common London.